The use of onyx as a precious stone for building, art, and carving predates modern history. In fact, Biblical accounts of this precious, eternal mineral include its presence in the Garden of Eden. Over time, artisans began crafting special individual art pieces from gleaming “white” onyx, which is often discovered braided with hints of gold and light brown patterning. Now you can bring a piece of this artful history into your own home. Our decorative Onyx Ornaments have been lovingly crafted with the same care taken by the ancient stone craftsmen who outfitted royal quarters centuries ago. Each piece is uniquely shaded and shaped by hand.
Onyx has held a special place as an unusual precious stone for centuries. A type of braided agate, onyx is seen in several natural hues, from deep black to “white” with light brown veining. Today, onyx is associated with royalty. You’ll certainly feel like a part of the royal family when you prepare tea in our exquisitely carved onyx tea set, which comes complete with a gleaming, show stopping teapot and 12 matching teacups. You may use this as a showcase piece for fine dining, or use it as a decor on special occasions
Onyx Stone Royal High Tea Set
122,556.00 119,000.00



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